The Fundamentals of Marketing

In this article, I am going to talk about Marketing, its fundamentals, laws, etc. I understand when one hears about the term marketing different words jumbled in his/her brain like sales, advertisement, promotions, etc. and of course Digital Marketing. So I will help you in understanding the concept. The simplest and easiest way to understand … Read more

How to do Competitive Analysis?

Competition! It’s everywhere in the market. The competition is tough because so many substitutes are there. In order to be in the market, it’s important for businesses to keep an eye on competitors and businesses can do it by doing competitive analysis. Competitive analysis is a must when building your marketing strategies. It helps you … Read more

Why Social Media Marketing is important?

Hi, In this article I will write about social Media Marketing. We all know about Social Media, and the majority of us use social media. The most amazing thing about social media is how quickly it has evolved. No wonder, social media has become a part of the day to day life and everyone has … Read more

The Niche Selection Model and CATT Funnel

In this article, I am going to talk about niche selection and Marketing funnel. These are the two most important areas when talking about Marketing. So let’s first understand the concept of Marketing. When you start observing your surrounding you will see Marketing is everywhere. All you need to do is to start thinking and … Read more

Digital Deepak Internship Program – Key Features

In the previous article, I have talked about Why I chose DDIP, and in this article I am going to talk about some of the DDIP features. Who Is Digital Deepak? Digital Deepak is a blog owned by Deepak Kanakaraju. In this blog, he writes about Digital Marketing. He started his career with a motorcycle … Read more