Digital Deepak Internship Program – Key Features

In the previous article, I have talked about Why I chose DDIP, and in this article I am going to talk about some of the DDIP features.

Who Is Digital Deepak?

Deepak Kanakaraju - Author Biography

Digital Deepak is a blog owned by Deepak Kanakaraju. In this blog, he writes about Digital Marketing. He started his career with a motorcycle blog and sold it after some years. Then he started blogging about Digital Marketing at He has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and owns the company Pixeltrack. He is a passionate Digital Marketer and an entrepreneur. He published a book on entrepreneurship named “Edge of Sanity”.

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Now lets move toward the next section which is DDIP.

What is DDIP?

DDIP is Digital Deepak Internship Program for people who want to learn Digital Marketing. I am also a part of this program. This internship program had recently completed one year and transformed many lives.

This internship program is of 16 Weeks (12 weeks + 4 Bonus Weeks). The program starts with a success mindset and moves towards Blog creation, content writing, SMM, Google ads, FB ads, SEO, etc.

This internship will help you get hands-on experience in Digital Marketing.

DDIP Key features:
  • Learn from an experienced Digital Marketer (Digital Deepak).
  • 90% course completion. This internship has a 90% course completion rate which higher than any other Digital Marketing course/ Internship available in the Market.
  • Learn how to create a WordPress blog.
  • Hands-on experience. You will learn things and at the same time, you have to implement it for your own product/own website.
  • Helps you come out of your comfort zone.
  • Weekly assignments. You will get Weekly assignments that you have to submit on a particular deadline. Once you join the internship program you will get LMS access to submit all your assignments. There will be Q & A session for every week’s assignments. In case you missed Q & A, you will get recordings.
  • You will be added in a group with your fellow interns & mentors where you can stay connected with your mentors and fellow interns.
  • What’s the fee? This internship will cost you nothing if you submit all the assignments within the due date.
  • Last one but not least you can write to DDIP support team in case of any query.

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DDIP Feedbacks

Watch the feedbacks of DDIP interns:

You can search more feedbacks on web.


DDIP is a proper blend of learning, experiencing, and earning. If you want to learn Digital Marketing while doing it this internship is the best opportunity for you.

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